6 ways the EU can lead the way in protecting animal health

AnimalhealthEurope publishes Manifesto


In our 2019 Manifesto we set out our vision for animal health, welfare and sustainability in the years ahead.

We identify 6 ways the EU can lead the way in protecting animal health:

1) Ensure the timely and science-based implementation of new EU rule on veterinary medicines

2) Support the scientific output of the EMA in determining what range of veterinary medicines should be available

3) Prioritise investment at national and European level in innovative early research through funding programmes such as Horizon Europe

4) Stimulate a regulatory environment that encourages the latest scientific advancement in veterinary medicines

5) Foster an integrated approach to combating diseases and reducing antibiotic resistance by deploying different tools available like vaccines and diagnostics

6) Adopt a strategy that specifically supports innovation for the continued development of a range of animal health solutions

Europe is the birthplace of modern veterinary medicine and is the home of the world’s leading animal health companies, supporting 50,000 jobs across Europe. Representing an annual turnover of around €6 billion, Europe is the second largest animal medicines market in the world. We have high hopes for Europe and we have big ideas to contribute towards its future.

Because we want to play our part in keeping Europe healthy and safeguarding our food chain.
Because healthy animals mean healthy people and a healthier planet.
Because #AnimalHealthMatters.

Full Manifesto and translations available here.