Launching #AnimalHealthMatters


As representatives of the animal medicines industry in Europe, we at AnimalhealthEurope can give you a flock of reasons why we know that animal health matters, but we want to hear from you! 

We've been busy collecting views and opinions from a wide range of people happy to share with us why they think #AnimalHealthMatters.

Kicking off with the head of Health and Food Safety in the EU, a strong supporter of One Health policies, Commissioner Andriukaitis says "Animal health matters because one cannot separate issues like animal welfare and animal health, and because we are all linked, it also means healthier people.”

From supporting animal welfare, to ensuring companionship with pets, and from contributing to sustainable farming practices, to playing a key role in food safety,  it goes without saying that #AnimalHealthMatters!

We'll be sharing the quotes we're collecting via Twitter and developing our photo gallery as we add more opinions throughout the year, so follow @animalhealthEU and the hashtag #AnimalHealthMatters to see more and share your views!

And the reason why we’re doing this is simple, because we want everyone to know that:

Healthy animals mean healthy people and a healthier planet!