New infographic: World Animal Vaccination Day


Highlighting the increasing trend for bringing pets into our homes in Europe, and recalling the many benefits that pets bring us, AnimalhealthEurope, along with veterinary associations FECAVA and FVE have published a joint infographic to remind animal owners of the need to keep up both primary and booster vaccines.

As part of an awareness-raising campaign on the importance of vaccination for better animal health management, the infographic serves to remind Europe’s 80 million pet-owning households of the importance of vaccination, a cornerstone of responsible pet ownership that protects the important relationship people have with their pets.

Our 2016 Citizens Survey showed that two thirds of respondents agree pets should be vaccinated regularly just like their children, while only half agree for farm animals. And when it comes to understanding of what vaccines do, the survey showed that over 40% of respondents don’t know  that vaccination of animals can help to prevent disease being transferred from animals to people.

When it comes to our pets, the uptake of vaccination is worrying, with vets reporting only 30–50% of the pet animal population is vaccinated in developed countries. Today in parts of Europe diseases like Rabies, Distemper and Infectious Canine Hepatitis are virtually eliminated thanks to regular vaccination, but a certain percentage of vaccine coverage is essential for herd immunity.

If we stop vaccinating, these diseases will re-emerge or become more prevalent.