Healthy animals, safe food

Healthy animals provide the essentials of a nutritious diet: milk, meat, eggs, fish and honey.

Animal medicines for livestock and fish help farmers to manage and improve the health and welfare of their animals. Our solutions also contribute to the quality of the animal-sourced products. Sick or suffering animals not only raise welfare issues for the farmer, but they also cost more to feed and to treat their disease or clinical condition. Often, the meat, milk or eggs they produce cannot be sold, creating food waste directly at the animal source.

Animal vaccines and other treatments such as parasiticides, not only maintain high standards of animal health and welfare, but they also help to protect consumers from harmful food-borne pathogens or zoonotic agents that can come from farm animals. In some cases, it is not safe to eat food from animals that are sick, as there could be a risk that disease could be passed to people, making them ill in turn.



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