Responsible pet ownership

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Although the vast majority of Europe’s animals are farmed livestock or wildlife, companion animals - pets - are often our closest attachment to animals and often among our most valued friends. Many of us form close emotional bonds with our cats, dogs, birds and other animals, bringing the benefits of companionship to both. In Europe 80 million homes count pets as part of the family!

And all of these animals share a common need; that of good health. AnimalhealthEurope members provide tools such as vaccines and other medicines to help veterinarians and pet owners provide the good care our companion animals need for a long and healthy life. And when it comes to EU policies and legislation on animal health or how medicines are made available, AnimalhealthEurope defends the needs of pets in Europe alongside farm animals, as certain policies apply to all animals in equal measure.

Encouraging responsible pet ownership
By looking after your companion animal, it can bring the benefits of pet ownership to you. This is why AnimalhealthEurope supports and encourages responsible pet ownership.

AnimalhealthEurope encourages pet owners to:

  • keep them healthy;
  • keep them well-nourished;
  • keep them fit;
  • keep them safe;
  • keep their reproduction under control.

Pet-friendly policies
The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals recognises that we have a moral obligation to respect all living creatures and that pets have a special relationship with people. AnimalhealthEurope actively supports the convention's call for the development of information and education programmes to promote awareness and knowledge of the principles of responsible pet ownership amongst organisations and people who keep, breed, train, trade and house companion animals.


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