EuFMD Webinar: Success Stories on PPPs in Livestock Production & Animal Health

March 18 2021 Online

Foot-and-mouth disease and similar transboundary animal diseases (‘FAST disease’) remain permanent threats to European livestock production. FAST diseases are often highly infectious, and a single introduction usually has a serious and frequently catastrophic impact on animal health and welfare. FAST disease epidemics are disruptive to the livestock production value chain due to movement restrictions and trade bans that are imposed for controlling the outbreak. The risk for disruption can be reduced by preventing incursion, ensuring better preparedness for managing outbreaks, and helping EU neighboring countries with eradicating these diseases. Ideally, the responsibility and engagement for these actions are equally shared and are based on consensus between all public and private stakeholders in European livestock production. A strict eradication policy as it is foreseen today must include all partners, from the competent veterinary authority, farmers, veterinary professionals, farm suppliers, to the rendering companies.

The private sector stakeholders in livestock production want to take their ownership and responsibility in prevention, preparedness, and control of FAST diseases. They want to provide additional insights and solutions to animal health issues at the earliest stage of an open and structured discussion, going beyond providing feedback to draft regulations. Experience in the private sector can, for example, suggest criteria for implementing regionalization and compartmentalization during FAST disease outbreaks to better address livestock production in the current value chain and endorse a win-win opportunity for all public and private stakeholders.

The private sector stakeholders in livestock production have launched a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Initiative for Anticipating FAST-Disease Outbreaks to explore a collaboration with public partners and academia in addressing animal health management in a structured and open discussion.

This virtual workshop will be facilitated by the EuFMD.
Objectives of the workshop:
Highlight success stories on national or regional PPP in livestock production and animal health in Europe and other parts of the world. Identify the drivers and levers of their success.  

To join:

Success Stories on Public-Private Partnership in Livestock Production and Animal Health (Passcode: 99032179)

Please note the Zoom webinar allows a maximum capacity of 500 people, once reached this amount it will not be possible to enter the room. If you do not have access, you may follow the webinar streamed live on the EuFMD YouTube channel and on the EuFMD Facebook page.

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