Pandemic! A one health view of emerging infectious diseases

June 30 2020 Webinar

The Collaborative Working Group on European Animal Health & Welfare Research (CWG AHW-SCAR) and the Global Strategic Alliances for the Coordination of Research on the Major Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses and its related International Research Consortium (STAR-IDAZ IRC) invited interested parties to participate in an online global interactive workshop on the role of veterinary sciences to cope with and prevent future animal and zoonotic pandemics.

Watch the workshop:

Recap of programme


  • Hein Imberechts, CWG-AHW— Chair - Opening
  • Matteo Sabini, APRE - Housekeeping

  • Stefano Messori, STAR-IDAZ IRC/OIE - Moderator

  • Ilaria Capua, One Health Centre, University of Florida, US - COVID-19 as accelerator of multidisciplinary research approach
  • Linfa Wang, Duke-NUS Medic School, Singapore - The role of wildlife in emerging threats
  • J. Christophe Audonnet, ZAPI IMI project - ZAPI modular vaccine approach as an answer to pandemic and panzootic disease threats
  • Mark Woolhouse, University of Edinburgh, Scotland - Emerging threats: how close are we to being able to predict the next pandemic
  • Alex Morrow, STAR IDAZ / DEFRA, UK - STAR-IDAZ IRC: improving the focus of the research effort to deliver the necessary disease control tools

Roundtable with:
- Arjan Stegeman, Utrecht University, NL
- Jean-Charles Cavitte, DG AGRI, European Commission
- Hein Imberechts, One Health EJP / CWG AHW
- Luke O'Neill, Trinity College Dublin, IE


This event is supported by DISCONTOOLS and AnimalhealthEurope


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