The Future of Food Conference

November 20 2019 Brussels

The food sector is facing a number of challenges: malnutrition and obesity have become pandemics, more and more people speak out against factory farming and the sector is still responsible for 12-17% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. However, change is on the horizon. State-of-the-art plant-based products are battling meat and fish for the centre of the plate, digitalisation enables new forms of farming and behavioural scientists are exploring how best to nudge consumers in the direction of healthy and sustainable diets.

This high-level conference, organised in partnership with EIT Food, will bring together an exciting mix of high-level speakers and a few hundred participants, including policymakers, business leaders, start-ups, civil society representatives, farmers and academics. The conference will explore different approaches to transforming the food system – be it through innovation, investment, education or consumer engagement.

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