Voices of Animal Health shares views and opinions of people who have an interest in animal health. Kicking off with those people who make animal health not just their profession, but also their passion, we interview a vet on the role of the vet in animal health management, the vet's role in promoting the responsible use of antibiotics in animals, and more.
Next we speak with a 15 year old medical detection dog owner who shares her story about the life-changing role of her dog Polo, and how she helps to protect Polo's health in return.
Our third voice is that of the Director of the Carnot Institute: France Future Elevage and Head of the INRA Research Center at Jouy-en-Josas. He talks about the importance of innovation in animal health for more sustainable livestock production.
Our fourth and fifth voices are those of some of Europe's livestock farmers. Often misunderstood and reported negatively despite momentous efforts to uphold so many rules and regulations, we give a voice to a Spanish poultry farmer and a Dutch veal farmer to share their real-life stories on how they care for their animals, produce safe food and respect calls for reducing the need to use antibiotics.

  • A vet's view

    Danny Coomans, a vet from Belgium, talks about the role of the vet in protecting animal health and shares his views on prevention and treatment...

    I was born between animals, my father was a farmer..I was always interested in agricultural animals There is a lack of both preventive and curative medicines for animals
  • A Pet Owner's View

    15 year old Gemma from the UK shares her story about how her medical detection dog Polo helps her and how she cares for Polo's health in return.

    I’ve always loved the companionship that Polo and Romeo give me Our local vet is very good at helping us helping him and finding solutions
  • A research scientist's view

    Thierry Pineau, from the Carnot Institute & INRA talks about innovations which have completely changed livestock production and animal health...

    There is no safe or healthy...food, if you don’t.. have animals in a healthy condition We try to improve the performance of the livestock industry
  • A Poultry Farmer's View

    Sandra Garcia Carmona, a poultry farmer from Spain shares the story of how she manages the health and welfare of her hens working with her vet.

    Health is one of the most important things in animals We are very responsible because we know we have to make.. safe food, safe products for people...
  • A Livestock Farmer's View

    Kees van Herk, a veal farmer from the Netherlands, tells us how he has reduced the need to use antibiotics working together with his vet.

    We only use antibiotics when it is necessary for the calf if it is sick We need a vet, they check the barn with us, checking what is needed..