• Recalling why vets need antibiotics for animal health


    Antibiotics remain very important to maintain high levels of animal health and welfare in Europe. With a new infographic highlighting a few facts about antibiotic use in Europe and the reasons why vets will always require antibiotics in their toolbox, AnimalhealthEurope raises awareness on the need to retain access to a range of antibiotics for animal health.

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  • New website for DISCONTOOLS


    An important resource for public and private funders of animal health research, DISCONTOOLS, launched a brand new website with updated info for a majority of the prioritised diseases. The open-access database identifies research gaps to improve the control and management of more than 50 infectious diseases in animals.

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  • The European Animal Medicines Industry in Figures


    AnimalhealthEurope represents twelve of Europe’s leading manufacturers of animal medicines and twenty national associations, covering 90% of the European market for animal health products. In a brand new publication we share key facts and figures on the animal medicines industry and its presence in Europe, as well as key numbers from related sectors.

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  • Promoting pet vaccination together with vets for World Animal Vaccination Day


    Highlighting the increasing trend for pet ownership in Europe, and recalling the many benefits that pets bring us, AnimalhealthEurope, along with veterinary associations FECAVA and FVE published a joint infographic to remind animal owners of the need to keep up both primary and booster vaccines. This infographic was part of a series of awareness-raising communications on the wider role of animal vaccination running under the hashtag #PreventionProtects.

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  • Launching #AnimalHealthMatters


    AnimalhealthEurope launched a campaign to gather opinions from a wide range of people as to why #AnimalHealthMatters. Kicking off with the head of Health and Food Safety in the EU, Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis, we have collected over 30 quotes from research scientists, farmers, vets, assistance dog owners and animal lovers, as well as MEPs and OIE Director General Monique Eloit.

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  • Brexit: Prioritising animal health and welfare in a future UK-EU relationship


    Highlighting that disease knows no borders, MEPs Julie Girling and James Nicholson in collaboration with AnimalhealthEurope, the UK National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and the Irish Animal and Plant Health Association (APHA) hosted an evening reception at the European Parliament to discuss the impact of Brexit on animal health and welfare across Europe, with some key commentary from European Parliament Vice-President Mairead McGuinness.

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  • Press trip to a Dutch dairy and poultry farms


    We took 6 journalists on a bus trip to the Dutch countryside for a day away from desk reporting to a reality-check visit with some farmers. A young dairy farmer and an innovation award-winning entrepreneur shared efforts to prioritise animal health and sustainable production.

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  • Innovation in animal health and sustainable livestock production in Europe


    Moderated by seasoned EU and agri affairs journalist Sarantis Michalopoulos from EurActiv, our annual event featured a face-to-face interview with Tom Tynan from Commissioner Hogan’s cabinet and Jannes Maes, President of young farmers association CEJA, and discussion on the role of research and innovation in the animal health sector for more sustainable livestock production.

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  • Celebrating healthy animals and agreement on legislative texts


    In an expression of thanks to the EU institutions for driving through some important revisions to support animal health in the agreed texts for new EU regulations on veterinary medicines and medicated feed, we hosted an evening reception at the Brussels Press Club. Arūnas Vinčiūnas, Head of Cabinet for Health and Food Safety Commissioner Andriukaitis discussed next steps and implementing measures with interested parties present.

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  • TOPRA annual veterinary medicines symposium


    AnimalhealthEurope’s Technical and Regulatory team chaired sessions and provided updates on the new Veterinary Medicines Regulation, as well as the latest information on vaccine availability, antibiotic resistance, amongst others.

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  • 35 Winning Examples of Innovative Women Farmers


    Sponsored by AnimalhealthEurope, European farmers association COPA saw a trout farmer from Poland awarded the 5th biennial Innovation Award for Women Farmers. With the support of the Austrian Presidency and DG Agri this ceremony, organised on the International Day of Rural women, aims at highlighting innovative projects carried out by European women involved in farming and/or the forestry sector.

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  • #LivestockCounts Campaign


    Raising awareness about the positive aspects of livestock farming in the run-up to World Food Day and showcasing the contribution of the animal medicines industry to sustainable farming practices, we ran a campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #LivestockCounts, and released a new infographic to share the positive stories behind livestock production. Speaking at a debate in the European Parliament on consumer beliefs around meat production, we also called for the livestock sector to raise our collective voice to bring some facts and balance to the great meat debate.

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  • Acting to ensure Health for Future Generations: European Antibiotics Awareness Day


    During the course of 2018 AnimalhealthEurope surveyed its membership of both national associations and company members on specific actions being taken at national and European level to promote responsible use of antibiotics and safeguard their future efficacy. These antibiotic stewardship actions were shared via a webpage with our best practices, an accompanying Twitter campaign and via an opportunity to make a statement during the Brussels launch event for European Antibiotics Awareness Day

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  • AnimalhealthEurope welcomes final adoption of new EU rules for animal medicines


    After 4 years of intense negotiation AnimalhealthEurope welcomed the EU Council’s formal adoption of the new EU rules for animal medicines and encouraged a timely and science-based implementation of the new regulations on veterinary medicines and medicated feed to strengthen the EU’s position as a leader in animal health innovation.

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  • How Innovation in the agri-food chain contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals


    The Agiri-food Chain Coalition which gathers 12 leading sector associations across the agri-food system organised an event in the European Parliament, with host MEP Eva Kailli to discuss working together towards more sustainable, solution-orientated and innovative European policies. The coalition published a booklet at the event showcasing initiatives supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • European Parliament debate: Healthy animals for healthier people


    Our European Parliament event, hosted by the MEP Frederick Federley, saw participants discuss the role of animal health solutions in preventing and treating animal disease. Key stakeholders will discuss how the EU can lead the way in deploying the broader animal health toolbox to meet global challenges.

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  • 2019 Manifesto: 6 Ways the EU can lead the way for animal health


    Launched at our European Parliament event, AnimalhealthEurope published a political Manifesto for 2019 where we set out our vision for animal health, welfare and sustainability in the years ahead, and set out 6 ways the EU can lead the way in protecting animal health.

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  • Regulatory Science to 2025: Addressing challenges and opportunities


    With speaking opportunities at the stakeholder workshop for the EMA’s consultation on Regulatory Science to 2025, AnimalhealthEurope discussed opportunities across the European Regulatory Framework, catalysing the integration of science and technology in medicine development, evidence generation, and availability issues for addressing emerging health threats.

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